Our Mission

The mission of the Lowcountry Resuscitation Alliance is to optimize the regional cardiac arrest chain of survival through collaboration, professional development, and community engagement.

Our Foundations

The Lowcountry Resuscitation Alliance is a collaboration between local agencies including Fire, EMS, 911 Dispatch Centers, and hospitals. Its primary purpose is to coordinate inter-agency efforts to increase survival from cardiac arrest in our communities.

The group was started in 2014 with the idea to develop and maintain a registry of AEDs (automated external defibrillators) located throughout the greater Charleston area. To date, over 500 AED locations have been identified and integrated into the dispatch center’s software. This allows 911 call takers to facilitate AED use by callers in the critical first moments of a cardiac arrest.

Recent Accomplishments

Over time, the Alliance’s efforts have greatly expanded. In addition to maintaining the AED registry, initiatives aim to engage and educate the public and advocate for intense, evidence-based training of professional rescuers. In 2018, the organization name was changed  from Lowcountry AED Alliance to Lowcountry Resuscitation Alliance to reflect this expanded scope.

Our members have:

  • Provided CPR training at local high schools
  • Offered hands-only CPR and AED training at public events
  • Increased community engagement through social media
  • Conducted a research survey that assessed CPR and AED knowledge locally
  • Implemented a streamlined process to retrieve important data from AED activations
  • Attended conferences to continuously learn the latest in evidence-based resuscitation science